Workshop 2017

Session am Samstag

My Babe – Pelzner, Böhme & Friends

Backwater Blues I

Backwater Blues II

Tim und Struppi

Driftin’ Blues – Pelzner, Böhme & Friends

Instrumental I

Instrumental II

Need My Baby

Norberts Workshop-Song

Rhumba Bluesclass Session

Schorle Blues

Stormy Monday

Watermelon Man

Workshop 2015

Pelzner, Böhme & Friends

Funky Seven (Olaf Böhme) – Pelzner, Böhme & Friends

Mona (Bo Didley) – Pelzner, Böhme & Friends

Rockin’ Pneumonia and The Boogie Woogie Flue – Pelzner, Böhme & Friends + Angelika Traurig

Down The Road A Piece – Pelzner, Böhme & Friends + Angelika Traurig

O’s Boogie – Pelzner, Böhme & Friends

Workshop 2014

Session am

Big Legged Woman (Pelzner, Böhme & Friends)

Bright Lights, Big City – Mike (Gesang u. Git.), Uwe (Git.) Peter (Harp), Jörg Siebert (Git.) und Herrmann (Harp)

No Show-No Blow

Bernd (Harp), Christian(Git.) und Wolfgang (Harp)

Walk on – Jürgen (Harp)

Everyday I Have The Blues – Jürgen (Harp)

Blues Stay Away from Me 1 – Dieter und Johannes (beide Harp)

What A Wonderful World

Blues Stay Away from Me 3

Juke – Frank (Harp)

Headache Shuffle – Frank (Harp)

Chitlins Con Carne – Jo (Git.) und Olaf (Harp)

Fürth Shuffle – Jörg und Hauer (beide Harp?

Scuttle Buttin’ (?)

Stormy Monday – Peter, Olaf, Uwe (erstes Git.-Solo)

Blues Intros

(Peter Pelzner)

Workshop 2013

Fürth Shuffle

Moll Blues
Jam Tracks


Workshop 2012

No Bend Blues

Rumba Blues


Careless Love

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